Snapchat Story: Mean mom!

Steven called me “mean” for the first time, and also tried to deliberately hurt my feelings for the first time. #milestone

Below is a semi-condensed version of how things went down last night.

Sad to say, Steven had another attitude-filled moment later that night. And although we had things resolved by bedtime, I think he needed a little more comfort than usual because he (and Ben!) snuck into our bed in the middle of the night.

He’ll always be my baby.

Bedtime loopholes

Bedtime loopholes

Two characteristics of our boys and bedtime:

  1. They like to get up repeatedly after we put them to bed… to get a drink of water… to go to the bathroom (and invariably in OUR bedroom bathroom instead of just going across the hall to use the bathroom that is closest to them)… to get a bandaid… to get “itchy cream” for a bug bite (a.k.a Benedryl cream).
  2. They like to get up really, really early. As in, 5:30 am early, while Steve and I are trying to have our personal quiet time.

Occasionally Steve throws his weight and declares that the boys must stay in bed ALL NIGHT LONG until WE open the door for them in the morning.

But the boys still try to find loopholes.