Unwilling early bird

Early bird

We have a system where our boys get one ticket for sleeping in past seven (or remaining quietly in their beds until seven) and two tickets for sleeping in past eight, or being the last one up (past seven).

Matthew ran out three times within five minutes and collapsed in tears when I told him he was “up.”

Bed swap

Bed swap

To bribe encourage our children to sleep in, we instituted a system where they get a ticket for sleeping in past 7 am, and the last person to get up gets two tickets. (You get two tickets automatically if you happen to sleep in past 8 am.) The boys will sometimes game the system where they wait for each other to wake up wake each other up so that they can all get two tickets, but we don’t mind as long as they sleep in past 7! However: If they sneak into our bed at night, they do not get any tickets.

Benjamin really loves sleeping in our bed, so he’ll often willingly sacrifice the possibility of getting tickets in order to snuggle with us.