Kindergarten Registration

I can’t believe that Benjamin is old enough to register for kindergarten! Steve took him in last month, and this was what happened when the intake person asked Benjamin some basic questions.a

A letter from the teacher

Letter from teacher

For the first several days of public school, I quizzed Steven thoroughly about his day, being sure to ask “feeling” questions. Overall, he seemed to be quite content with school, even proud of not feeling too anxious about the first day, and only had positive things to say.

So imagine my surprise when I got an email from his teacher indicating otherwise!!

After asking Steven about it, it sounded like there was one time when he didn’t know what was going on or perhaps didn’t know what the expectations were and got teary and sad. But apparently he’d forgotten about it by the time school was over and we picked him up! He was also really sad when he thought he forgot his homework folder at home (turns out that I had packed it for him already but he didn’t realize it).

Reflections on the first day of school

About the first day

Steven has historically been somewhat nervous and clingy when it comes to new experiences, so both Steve and I have been praying for him to transition to public school well as well as talking it up with him. We also were able to meet his teacher ahead of time and see his classroom. We were so thankful to find out that he loved his first day of school!