Our cats

our cats

Our cats have very different personalities.

Nutmeg has been known to sit patiently outside our front door for so long that our neighbor across the street will call or text us to let us know that she’s out there.

Chai, in contrast, will climb up any window screen available to him if he thinks someone is inside the room. There have been times when I’ve come into the kitchen at 5 am to find him already hanging on the screen.

Nutmeg and Chai


Nutmeg is the feline version of your typical grumpy old man. She has no patience for this young hooligan kitten with his blatant disrespect for his elders. All she wants to do is walk through the garage door in peace without him waiting on the kitchen bench to paw at her, or to be able to take a quiet nap or have a drink of water without him twitching his tail and pouncing on her. When he does silly things like that, she has to whip out her clawed paw (equivalent to the grumpy old man’s cane) and knock some sense into him.