Opposite day

Opposite day

Opposite day is a big thing around here, but I still can’t get over the semantics of the initial statement.


New job


For those who may have missed it, I started a new job a few weeks ago with PixelMill as a web developer — less design, more coding. This job change means that I no longer work from home but commute 15 minutes on my bike to the office. It’s been a transition for our whole family, but particularly for Steve, who is now solo with the boys all day e’er’ day.

The pain is still fresh

Bouncy ball

We got to spend lots of quality time with our friends on a week-long youth group trip. On the way back, our “family van” stopped for lunch at a pizza place, which had a full arcade and lots of candy and prize dispensers. Matthew used one of his quarters to buy a bouncy ball. After lunch, as he was playing with it, our little friend Sophia burst into tears. (The conversation about her missing bouncy ball really happened with me and her mom, but you know, this is a slightly fictionalized comic.)


Halloween costume discussion

Costume discussion

We are four months away from Halloween but our boys are already brainstorming costume ideas.


Matthew the Multi-tasker


Steve and Matthew were biking back from dropping Steven off at school when he made an important discovery.


The Other Joker

Soap Soap 2

Matthew had a perpetually dirty neck for a few months. In mid-May, Steven casually told us, “Hey, you know how Matthew’s neck is always really dirty? It’s because on April Fool’s Day, I took the empty soap bottle and filled it with water and put in yellow food coloring and then I hid the soap under the sink.”


Where there’s smoke…


It’s time for another vocabulary post.




I’ve taken such a long break from posting comics that I figured I should come back with a good one.


Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day


Civil rights history, explained by Matthew (and Steven).


Unwilling early bird

Early bird

We have a system where our boys get one ticket for sleeping in past seven (or remaining quietly in their beds until seven) and two tickets for sleeping in past eight, or being the last one up (past seven).

Matthew ran out three times within five minutes and collapsed in tears when I told him he was “up.”