30 days of drawing poetry

In lieu of #nanodrawmo, my famous blogging friend Bronwyn invited me to join her for a month of poetry. Below are the 30 illustrations that I created with links to the poems.

The Peace of Wild Things” – Copic marker.

The Peace of Wild Things

Jabberwocky.” Digital image.

All photos taken for this series are by me to avoid any copyright issues.


Blue Umbrellas.” Crayola markers.

I was going for a child-like drawing and used Crayola markers to help keep me in that frame of mind. I also purposefully made the peacock’s tail shaped like raindrops.

Blue Umbrellas

The Day She Died.” Copic markers and Kuretake brush pen.

The Day She Died

Cheerfulness Taught By Reason.” Kuretake brush pen and Pentel Pocket brush pen.

This was a hard poem to figure out how to illustrate, so I went with defining one of the words that I had to look up.

Cheerfulness Taught by Reason

I Had a Hippopotamus.” Kuretake brush pen, colored digitally.

Delightful (although somewhat sad) poem.

I Had a Hippopotamus

Your Laughter.” Made with Paper.

 Your Laughter

Writer Mom Haiku.” Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, combined with digital image.

Writer Mom Haiku

Lament For a Boy.” Pencil.

Lament for a boy

Kindness.” Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and Tombow markers.

The poem immediately made me think of the Syrian refugee crisis.


When You Are Old.” Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and Tombow markers.

 When You Are Old

Thirsty.” Oil pastel.

I wanted really vibrant, full-of-life colors, and oil pastels let me capture that. I had two other attempts of drawing, and this one still wasn’t exactly what I saw in my head. Apparently I need more practice with oil pastels!


Hornbill.” Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and Copic marker.

One of my favorites from this month. I really got comfortable with my Pentel Pocket Brush Pen!


O God, Our Help in Ages Past.” Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and pencil.

The morning after the Paris attacks, Bronwyn asked if we could switch the poem to this instead. I focused on the thought of nations rising and falling under the sovereignty of God, and purposefully drew the different cultural icons below in pencil.

O God, Our Help in Ages Past

Pied Beauty.” Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and digital image.

Pied beauty

Adventures of Isabel.” Kuretake brush pen, Sigma Micron pen, and watercolor.

One of my favorite poems! And I was inspired by Oliver Jeffers for the lettering.

Adventures of Isabel

Staying Power.” Pilot G2 pen.

Staying Power

If.” Pencil with digital filter.

I wasn’t sure how to illustrate this poem at first, although reading it as an adult was so much more meaningful than when I read it as a teenager! Steve suggested that I draw a father and son, so I pulled up an old baby picture of Steven being held by Steve.


Caged Bird.” Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and Tombow marker.

Caged Bird

Choruses From the Rock.” Digital image.

Choruses From The Rock

Kaleidoscope.” Digital image.

I was really short on time. I wanted to do a cool abstract overlapping polygonal thing that made a face but ended up with these lame-looking triangles instead…


Morning Poem.” Watercolor.

Morning Poem

As the Ruin Falls.” Pencil.

As the Ruin Falls

Idiot Psalms.” Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and Tombow marker.

I REALLY didn’t like these poems when I read them at first, because the tone seemed so snarky. But as I kept reading them again and again, the stanza about meetings caught me — because I really despise long-winded, pointless meetings — and I could see the poems being about trying to see God’s movement in the midst of a mundane, everyday life.

 Idiot Psalms

This Is Just To Say.” Chalk pastel.

One thing I’ve loved about this series is how I’ve been able to dig into my dusty art supplies. It’s been over a decade since I touched my chalk pastels.

This Is Just To Say

God, Thou Art Love.” Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and digital image.

God, Thou Art Love

I Am Not Old.” Pencil.

I Am Not Old

He Tends His Flock.” Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and Copic marker.

He Tends His Flock

The Owl and the Pussycat.” Kuretake brush pen and watercolor.

Owl and the Pussycat

And for the final blog post, I chose “Early Bird” as my poem. Sigma Micron and Kuretake brush pen.

This is Steve’s favorite poem, and I had fun imagining a bookworm staying up way too late reading, sleeping in, and escaping a dreadful fate on an early bird’s plate.

Early Bird



This is all about my love-hate relationship with my Pen Type-A with the Pilot Hi-Tec C refill. I still have not been able use a Hi-Tec C refill without it going dead on me at some point and/or leaking. Everyone else seems to love the Hi-Tec C, but when I get through the last of my refill stash I might have to try something else!