The Lonely Cushion: A Snapchat Story

After posting my Snapchat story of “Why I am tired,” I dug up an older Snapchat story that I posted last year.

The story behind this is that I was driving one of my high school students back to her house. Along a country road, we suddenly saw a random cushion laying in the middle of the road, and we both burst out laughing at the same time. On my way back, I had a thread of an idea for a story so I may have taken some pictures while driving (before the hands-free law went into effect).

The beginning part of my Snapchat story is heavily inspired by Little Beaver and the Echo, which is a beautifully illustrated book about a lonely beaver who goes out to find a friend.

Without further ado… for public consumption for the first time is the story of The Lonely Cushion. All photos, text, and Snapchat scribbles are by me.






















Late night poop

Late night poop

Steven’s bedtime is 7:30 – 8 pm, which means he was up reading for at least two hours with his little book light. No wonder he is so tired in the morning!

Also – there is a perfectly working bathroom across the hall from the boys’ room, but they all insist on coming down the hall into our bathroom to go, particularly around bedtime. Hmmmm.



Steve does our egg-shopping at Costco and was relating the dilemma he faced when choosing between the organic eggs or factory-farmed eggs. The organic eggs were, of course, more expensive, and packaged in a pop-open clear plastic container. The cheap eggs had layers of egg carton cardboard and were housed inside of a cardboard box.

It reminded me of a slightly depressing article I read recently about “The Worst Place On Earth,” which talks about the environmental cost of our tech: my smartphone, my computer, the batteries of electric cars and even wind turbines. Trying to be “green” with wind power and battery-powered cars can still have some devastating results on the environment.

How do you weigh the cost of dumping disposable diapers in landfills versus considering the plastics used in creating our bumGenius reusable diapers and the hundreds of gallons of water we spent washing those diapers? I make a living with my shiny Macbook Pro while knowing that the people who pieced together this computer did so in sometimes dehumanizing and dangerous conditions (and now knowing that the “shiny” comes from minerals mined from The Worst Place On Earth).

We have great buying power, but I’m not sure we’re ready for that responsibility.

Steve the fly killer

The Fastest Fly-Swatter Swinging in the West

One early morning, Steve and I were very annoyed by a fly. Steve got the fly swatter and managed to get the fly in mid-air. Then, standing in front of me, he swayed his back a little and pushed his knees out into a gunslinger stance and did a slightly awkward twirl with the fly swatter before pretending to holster it in his sweatpants. I burst out in laughter and immediately drew this comic.

While I’m on the topic of Steve and flies, I’d also like to mention that Steve has also impressed me on many occasions by catching flies out of the air with his bare hands.

Parent Confessions: Goodwill

Parent Confessions 2

There are certain books that I could read over and over again to the boys. “Cock-A-Doodle Quack Quack,” “Bear Snores On,” “I’m Not Cute!” are just a few examples.

But books that have lame illustrations, use “easy reader” vocab, and don’t even rhyme on top of that?

Let’s say there are a few books that have very quietly slipped out the door.



This is all about my love-hate relationship with my Pen Type-A with the Pilot Hi-Tec C refill. I still have not been able use a Hi-Tec C refill without it going dead on me at some point and/or leaking. Everyone else seems to love the Hi-Tec C, but when I get through the last of my refill stash I might have to try something else!