Morning snuggles with Steve


Why is the house cleaner when Steve is gone?

Steve has been gone since Monday, and the living room, entryway, kitchen, and bedroom have been unusually clean. With Steve gone, however, the kid (encouragers of entropy) – to – adult (opposers of entropy) ratio is greater.

Kids:Adults = Encouragers of entropy:Opposers of entropy

With Steve: 3:2
Without Steve: 3:1

How are we able to explain this phenomenon? Please choose from the following:

A. Corrie forces the kids to clean up when Steve isn’t around to report her to CPS.
Scrub harder!

B. Corrie doesn’t have to pick up after Steve, just after the boys.

Picking up

C. Corrie is lonely and ends up cleaning since she can’t hang out with her best friend.



D. All of the above.

Steve is coming home tomorrow afternoon. I predict that our house will become messier, but that our overall happiness level will be greater.