Month: December 2015

Life with boys


I’ve conflated two separate funny occasions into one comic — when Matthew was shooting himself in the private area and then falling over and laughing, and when Matthew was asking questions about anatomical terms and said “tentacles.”

The former incident just reminds me of that internet meme of “the real reason women live longer than men.”

That time Steven cried about EVERYTHING


This comic gives the highlights lowlights of an afternoon this week. Steve and the younger boys headed to the gym first, but Steven stayed back with me while I finished up work. When I said that we were heading to the gym in an hour, Steven started crying and whining because he wanted to work on a fun math packet. (I KNOW.) I suggested that he bring the packet with him, or continue to work on it for the next hour. He decided to work on it for the next hour and settled down.

When it was time to go and I told him to grab his bike light, he started crying and whining because he wanted to just go in his socks because he “didn’t want to tie his shoes.” I suggested that he get his Crocs, which he did.

But he couldn’t find his bike light, so I said, “Okay, let’s drive instead,” and there were more tears.