Month: November 2015

Ben’s opinion

Ben's opinion

Benjamin is getting to be quite a talker at three-and-a-half years old. He throws out surprising words and phrases, such as in this case, when he was watching Steve make pancakes.

Trick-or-treat strategy

Trick or Treat

Matthew really raked in the candy this year, and he had quite an impressive (though possibly unconscious) strategy. Imagine coming to the door and seeing Matty’s cute chubby face poking out of an elephant costume. Then, instead of saying “Trick-or-treat,” he grins and says “heeeee heeeee heeeee,” his face full of delight and excitement. “Awww, what a cute elephant!” Then, no matter what kind of candy you hand to him, his eyes get big and he says, “Ooooooo!!!! That’s my FAVORITE!!!!!!”

Of course you’re going to give him two or three more pieces of his “favorite,” right?


Steven’s Halloween costume


Steven wanted to be the state of California for Halloween. (No idea why or how he came up with that.) So I painted a sandwich-board costume, which drew a lot of compliments despite the awkwardness of getting around in crowded trick-or-treating venues. The puns flew.

Later that night, trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, Steven tripped and fell.

“EARTHQUAKE!!!!” Of course.