Camping adventures, part 3

Camping 3

We last left me falling asleep at 2 am after mopping up Matthew’s pee with a towel. At 3 am, Steven woke up to pee, and (thankfully) went outside of the tent to do his business. When he came back and crawled back into his sleeping bag, he asked why his pillow was wet.

I felt his pillow and it was nearly soaked through!! So apparently most of Matthew’s pee got soaked into Steven’s pillow, even though I thought I had cleaned up what I could with a towel! But at 3 in the morning, I wasn’t about to tell him anything that would freak him out, so we flipped his pillow and everyone went back to sleep.

Thankfully, the camp we were at provided laundry service so that I could wash the pillow and sleeping bags the next day!


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