Camping adventures, part 2


After waking up to find Matthew sleep-peeing in between me and Steven on the tent floor, I grabbed him to stop him peeing. He was so out of it, he tried to lay down in the puddle of pee. I managed to shove him over into his sleeping bag, grabbed a towel to sop up the pee, and assessed the damage. My pillow and sleeping bag had a few drops of spatter but it seemed like I had gotten most of it, so I tried to go back to sleep. Unfortunately the adrenaline coursing through my body eventually drove me into the campsite bathroom to read until 2 am, at which point I felt calm and tired enough to go back to bed!

The next morning, the boys giggled to hear the story and enjoyed telling everyone in the campsite that “MATTHEW PEED ON MOMMY’S FACE!!!!”



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