Month: July 2015

Corrie’s clothes


I’ve put my clothes on backwards often enough (and not always in the dark!) that it’s become somewhat of a joke with us.

Ben’s stuffies

Ben's stuffies

Ben has misplaced his beloved black beeear – it’s probably been a month since we last saw it — so for his birthday, I ordered a look-alike bear from Amazon. Unfortunately, when it arrived, it was a teeny tiny bear!! So I ordered a larger black bear from Amazon and saved it for his birthday. During his early birthday party, one of our good friends got Benjamin a small stuffed black-and-brown dog. On his actual birthday, he got the new black bear, and yesterday, I found the small black bear and gave it to him, too. I’ll have to draw a new comic later depicting “Small Black Bear” – or as Ben says, “Mall Black Bear” – as this comic only reflects two of the three new stuffies (“New Bear” is the newer stuffed bear that Benjamin had last time he misplaced his black bear). Below are pictures of Bear Doggy, New Black Bear, and Small Black Bear.

bear-dog blackbears

New pet, part 2

New pet

We have had some traumatic educational experiences with young chickens and bunnies and raccoons, which I think may explain Matthew’s initial comment. I’m pretty sure a dolphin wouldn’t get eaten by a raccoon, though, so I find it funny that Matthew changed his mind based on that criterion.

Also, Matthew often smacks his mouth when he’s thinking. We think it’s adorable.