Month: June 2015

Self-righteous toddler

self-righteous toddler

Benjamin likes to loudly verbally affirm his righteousness in our household, especially in contrast to his brothers.


Summer workbook


We got the boys those summertime learning workbooks. Matthew jumped in eagerly with working on the different pages. But he finds it frustrating to have to ask us or Steven what to do on each page. I happened to overhear him talking to himself and thought it was so cute!

Parent Confessions: Goodwill

Parent Confessions 2

There are certain books that I could read over and over again to the boys. “Cock-A-Doodle Quack Quack,” “Bear Snores On,” “I’m Not Cute!” are just a few examples.

But books that have lame illustrations, use “easy reader” vocab, and don’t even rhyme on top of that?

Let’s say there are a few books that have very quietly slipped out the door.