Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

The “Advent Calendar” is another Big Household Event in our family. We have a few things going on during our family Advent time.

One child gets to put up the next piece in our little Advent Nativity set:


Then we pull out a little drawer in our new reusable Advent calendar, which I’ve already prestuffed with five pieces of candy (or one fruit rollup which gets chopped up)…

Advent Calendar

…a little cardstock piece from previous chocolate Advent calendars that has part of the Christmas story painted on it (we read the entire thing every day so the kids practically have it memorized)…


…and a slip of paper with that day’s activity (printed from Everyday Emmanuel’s list of activities). On Sundays, we also read the devotional from Everyday Emmanuel and then light a candle in our Advent “wreath.”


Our children LOVE our Advent time, and as this is the first year that Benjamin can really be involved, he is WAY into it. He’s usually the first one to ask if it’s time to do the Advent calendar. This particular morning, he was sitting up in bed when Steven walked in the room and literally pumped both his fists with excitement!



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