This is all about my love-hate relationship with my Pen Type-A with the Pilot Hi-Tec C refill. I still have not been able use a Hi-Tec C refill without it going dead on me at some point and/or leaking. Everyone else seems to love the Hi-Tec C, but when I get through the last of my refill stash I might have to try something else!



  1. what size are you using? even though i love extra super fine tip pens, i’ve found with the hi tec c refills (for their coleto multipen) i have to go up a size than for the standalone nonrefillable pens. meaning i normally write with .3 or .4 but i need a .5 for the refills or else it skips like crazy. i don’t get it but that’s what i’ve experienced. good luck!

    1. I’ve tried the .4 and .5 and have had the same problem for both. I’m not sure if it’s because my pens get a lot of abuse – but I’m surprised that no one else seems to have issues!

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