Month: September 2014

Waking up, before and after kids


“Morning snuggle time” with my sweetie only happens when the kids are at their grandparents’.

The Sharing Can, Part 1

Sharing can with Matty

The Sharing Can is one of my favorite parts of having a preschooler.

At University Covenant Nursery School, kids take turns taking home the Sharing Can. This is an opaque container (usually a large coffee container) which gets brought home. The parent helps the child select something to put inside, and then they write three clues. During closing circle time the next day, the clues are read one by one, and the other children raise their hands to guess after each clue. The almost complete disconnect between clue and guess that some children have is pretty much the most amusing part of my day.

Matty was extremely excited to have his name chosen last week for the sharing can. After much debate, we finally put in one of his stuffed animals. This comic depicts what happened.

(See Part 2, Part 3,  and Part 4)

He gone

He gone

Glorious rain finally arrived last week in northern California, and our boys immediately donned their rain jackets and boots to go “hunt for worms.” Steve brought them over to the park, where they played happily for a while – until Benjamin abruptly decided that he wanted to go home. And started walking.

(See Steve’s Instagram video. Below, the worm-hunters in real life (pre-worm-hunt).)


Garbage truck heals all wounds


Benjamin staggered around for most of the day (a few days ago) because of a scrape on his knee. He held his shorts up so that the cloth wouldn’t touch his wound.

This specific scenario didn’t happen quite like this, but the garbage truck on our street really does trump everything else that’s going on – including breakfast, reading books (!), playing, drawing, or getting a diaper change.

After YEARS of waving to the garbage truck driver, starting from when Steven was a year old or so, we finally met him earlier this month when the boys brought out bags of candy to share. His name is Gustavo, and he even let the boys (who were brave enough) climb inside the cab!

Garbage truck

Here are pictures from the last few years of our boys waiting for the garbage truck:

IMG_2834 IMG_2411 IMG_6891