Mixed message

Benjamin cleaning

The other day, Steve called the older boys out to the living room to participate in five-minute-cleanup. Steven and Matthew sauntered down the hall, while Benjamin came running yelling “WIVE MIH PIH-UH!!! WIVE MIH PIH-UH!! OTAY!!!!” He jumped on the couch and sat with his back ramrod straight, his eyes fixed attentively on Steve. As Steve directed the older boys on what things to do, Benjamin continued to look with bright, big eyes at Steve. Steve gave him a relatively easy job – and to his great surprise, Benjamin said distinctly and clearly, “No.” Steve just about fell over laughing.

For this comic, I ditched the couch and cut Benjamin’s initial line to “OTAY” to save room. I also changed Benjamin’s job from “push the laundry basket to your bedroom” so that I didn’t have to draw a bigger laundry basket that would have appeared out of nowhere.


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