Why I was tired, part 4

Why I was tired, part 4

With all the boys asleep, I cleaned up the kitchen, picked up the living room, read a few chapters of my book, and then decided to turn in around 10. As promised, I moved Benjamin to his crib (he didn’t wake up), moved Matthew to my bed (he cracked his eyes open briefly and then settled his head down on my shoulder), laid him next to Steven on my bed, then brushed my teeth and went to bed. It was not to be a restful night of sleep for me, though, because Matthew is in a tossing-and-turning-all-over-the-bed phase. His hand would land on my nose, waking me up, or he would kick all the blankets off, and he finally ended up sleeping upside down on the bed for a while. At one point, his face was smashed into my chin, and since his feet were pushing against Steven, Steven ended up angling around so his head was pushing against my cheek, too. After dozing, waking, dozing, waking, I finally woke up for real at 5 am when I heard Benjamin calling me.


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