Growing up reading

Growing up reading

I grew up in a family of readers. My older sisters would check out books from the library fifty at a time (I’m not exaggerating). My dad always had a book on-hand for when we had to wait in line somewhere. I remember my family being in the same room, doing our individual tasks, perhaps occasionally commenting on something or another, which is how I remember us spending time together. (The other main way we spent time together was by making food and eating it together.) My sisters went off to college the same year when I was eight years old, and without their energy and activities, I remember mostly being on my own, reading.

Steve grew up with memories of camping, fishing, playing sports, and watching TV. A typical Thanksgiving afternoon might include throwing a baseball outside interspersed with watching whatever games were on TV (and of course, munching on snacks and deviled eggs). The important thing was that everyone was together – together outside, together inside.

This comic illustrates some of what we’ve had to work through in our marriage as we came together from very different family cultures.



  1. I love love love your drawings of Mommy and Boppy! They are so cute and capture the moments perfectly! Ha ha — Mommy’s curly hair and Boppy’s glasses and bald head! šŸ™‚ I didn’t know you would read while she gardened outside. That is hilarious.

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