Our friends have some kittens that they rescued, and Steve has been pushing me hard to adopt one of them. After he brought the boys to meet the kittens, they came home and called an emergency family meeting to discuss getting a kitten. I was outvoted three to one, but then pointed out that a new kitten would need shots, neutering, litter box, and kitten food. This is pretty much exactly how the conversation went.

After a two-two draw on the vote, we decided to look into the real costs, and to open up the option of the boys helping to contribute money from their allowance and lemonade sales to defer the costs. Steven dumped out all $45 of his “short term savings” box. Matthew pulled out his $1.78 and then pushed over three pennies to donate to the cause!



      1. Ha ha, that is one huge raise! We were cheapo’s and only gave our kids $5/month at age 5, $6 at age 6, etc. It wasn’t much but we pretty much buy them everything so they mostly spend their money on presents and the occasional treat that we won’t pay for.

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