Mystery Kreme Donut

Mystery Kreme Donut

In June 2006, Steve and I went with my mom, my sister Angela, and her kids to visit my sister Leslie and her family. Our return trip had lots of problems, involving an overbooked flight and a missed connection flight. We ended up being in the airport for a while.

So, we went to the Dunkin Donuts stand downstairs.

We got in line at Dunkin’ Donuts. There were no labels, but I recognized the Boston Kreme donuts (Steve’s favorite). There were powdered sugar donuts, so I was hoping they would be Bavarian Kreme (my personal favorite). But my mom, behind me, asked, “Are those Lemon donuts?” and the cashier nodded, so it wasn’t looking good.

When I got up to the counter, I asked for one Boston Kreme donut, then asked, “Do you have any Bavarian Kreme donuts?”

The cashier turned to get the Boston Kreme donut.

I asked again, louder, “Do you have any Bavarian Kreme donuts?”

The guy pointed at the Boston Kreme donuts and said, “These have cream.”

“But do you have Bavarian Kreme donuts?”

He pointed again at the Boston Kreme. “Cream,” he emphasized.

I decided that he either didn’t understand English, or didn’t understand me. So I shrugged and said, “OK, can I have another one?”

My mom ordered a lemon donut and they grabbed one of the powdered sugar-covered donuts for her.

We all went to some seats to sit down and eat. I bit into my Boston Kreme donut. Not bad. Steve’s had sprinkles on it. My mom started eating her donut and said, “Hey! This is a Bavarian Kreme donut!”

My ears perked up. Maybe there were other Bavarian Kreme donuts in the “lemon” tray! I left my half-eaten donut for Steve and went back to the counter.

This time, I said, “Can I have two of the white donuts?”

The man pointed at the powdered sugar donuts and said, “Jelly?”

“Sure,” I said, thinking that with my luck, I’d probably end up with two lemon or jelly donuts.

When I got back to my seat, I checked both the donuts. They were both Bavarian Kreme donuts! (I ate one and Steve saved the other one for later.)

I decided that either 1) he didn’t understand English very well or 2) he was new to the Dunkin’ Donuts business and wasn’t familiar with the different kinds of donuts!


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