For Becca.


Just days after I first saw Eric Meyer in person at An Event Apart DC, 2013, I saw on Twitter that his daughter was very, very ill. With the rest of the internets, I prayed and hoped and cried and grieved as Eric posted updates to his blog and Twitter – brain tumor – no!! even with treatment, 50% chance of dying in the next five years – horrifying!! amazing hospital to be at – yay!! no tumor growth – hooray!!! a new tumor…. noooo!! CT scan shows no growth – rejoicing!!!! CT scan lied, the MRI shows that it’s even worse than it is… This emotional roller coaster, experienced by me at a distance, came to a shocking and abrupt end on June 7th when Eric announced that Rebecca had passed the morning of her sixth birthday.

Perhaps it’s because I’m also a parent of a six year old, or perhaps it’s Eric’s eloquence in 140 characters, but Becca has been part of my thoughts and prayers over the past year. After each tweet or blog post from Eric, I’d pray for her and then hug my kids a little harder, thanking God for the breath in our lungs, for this next minute that we have together. Today, as her family and friends join together at her funeral service, you may see #663399Becca trending as the rest of the internet remembers her as well (#663399 is the hexadecimal color code for purple, Becca’s favorite color). If you are one to pray, please join me in remembering the Meyer family – Eric, his wife Kat, and their other children, Carolyn and Joshua.

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