Asking for it

Asking for it

We have a chore/routine/reward system which is too long to describe here but involves a DIY magnet board. I have magnets shaped like cherries which are designated to be rewarded by Steve or I when we see the boys doing something “extra” – being extra helpful, getting along extra well, or playing on their own extra well. We will then also arbitrarily redeem the cherries with surprise screen time or some other special treat or activity. The kids aren’t supposed to ask for cherries — Steve and I will just award them as we see fit.

The other day, we told Matthew and Steven to clean up the kitchen table, which was covered with cut pieces of paper. Matthew dragged his feet and rolled around on the floor, but Steven sped into action, bringing the garbage can over to the table, swiping all the paper into the garbage, and wiping down the table with the sponge.

The above showed what happened next.


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