Month: May 2014

Sucky Answering Machine

Answering Machine

4/3/2006 – We had an answering machine that, to put it politely, sucked. Our friends Brian and Lucy eventually got us an answering machine they found for free – which we are still using to this day!

Orange Poo Lady and Little Rat Dog

Orange Poo Lady and Little Rat Dog

From February 2006.

Meet Orange-Poo Lady. She is a nice lady who lived in our apartment complex, a few doors down. We would greet each other cordially when we passed each other in the walkways… except when she would run out the door yelling at Little Rat Dog who enjoyed harassing me when I went to check the mail.

We called her Orange-Poo Lady, however, because we – and by we, I mean Steve, who had a desk in front of the window with a very good view – observed her NOT picking up after her do, and stealing oranges off someone’s tree across the street.

Steve sees all.

Asian yodeling cowboy

Yodeling cowboy

January 13, 2006

Several years ago, our friends Brian and Lucy invited us to go with them to a local cafe to watch what they called “the Asian yodeling cowboy.” We didn’t know exactly what to expect, but indeed, there was a diminutive Japanese wearing a cowboy hat who sang gentle folksy songs and yodeled. The things you can find in Davis sometimes.